We offer a range of crafts to suit your needs and wishes and they available to all ages, cognitive and special needs.

-Craft activities!

Foam, fabric, felt fabric, papier-mache, piñata making, collages, gifts, bows, decorating jars and boxes with serviettes, foam lolly jars, lolly jars and candles.

-Knitting activities!

Fabric, felt fabric, beading, gifts, bows, bordering, and crochet.

-Recycled craft!

  Fabric, papier-mache, piñata making, collages, cardboard, plastic, glass, paper, newspaper, gifts, bows, flower pots, decorating jars and boxes with serviettes, newspaper pencil pots, lolly jars and cardboard cards and invitations.


Papier mache, piñata making, collages, bows, beading, gifts, dance, Mexican folk dancing, regional dancing, music, book clubs, Cyber safety, fruit and vegetable decorations (useful for parties, decorated food for kids, celebrations, business meetings etc.) and decorating jars and boxes with serviettes. 

All the services above can be scheduled in a package according to your needs and we can offer a better price if the service is frequent. If you have a preferred language other than English, we can assist you, contact us now to find out more.

All our services are designed to encourage you to start and do what you can do for yourself, supporting and assisting you only when necessary, encouraging physical strength, wellness, improve flexibility and coordination, promote social and emotional interaction, support mental stimulation and relaxation, promote independence, reduce isolation, improve concentration and promote memory recall.