-Online services!

We can teach you how to navigate the web, make bookings online, chat online, buy online, pay bills online, do claims online, government services online and whatever you wish to learn and organise from home.

-Learning online shopping!

We can go to your house or location of choice and we can teach you how to do your shopping online. We teach you the choosing and payment processes and you can choose if you want your shopping delivered to your house or for us to pick it up for you when it is ready. We can also help you put your shopping away when it arrives.

-Social media.

We can teach you how to set up an account, navigate, post, download files and photos through Facebook, LinkedIn, email, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and more, all according to your needs.

-Cyber safety workshop.

We can teach you how to protect your computer, tablet or phone against scams, spams, viruses, hackers and all new risks in the cyber world, according to the policies and privacy procedures from the web sites, web applications and software's in an easy way, clarifying your doubts and concerns.

All the services above are guidelines for using the web step by step. They are not extended or professional courses. We offer support to teach you basic internet skills for PC’s, tablets and/or smart phones.

All the services above can be scheduled in a package according to your needs and we can offer a better price if the service is frequent. If you have a preferred language other than English, we can assist you, contact us now to find out more.

We can offer the service to GROUPS and INDIVIDUALS. 

All our services are designed to encourage you and the carers to start and do what you can do for yourselves, supporting and assisting you only when necessary.