-Gifts for the grandkids!

We can help you make a photo album with the family tree. We help you make it and decorate it. You can choose for it to be a book, poster, digital or any format you wish.


Together we can write a biography for you and we can look for photos with your memories. This can be a book, poster, video, digital or any format you wish. We can also help you to create a Family Biography with a short family history including your grandparents, parents, you, children and grandchildren that also includes small biographies, descriptions, facts of a person’s life or profiles of them.

-Wall of memories!

We can help you find photos of memories, friends, special places, family members or experiences and use to decorate a wall in your house.

All of the above can be kept for you or make great presents for a family member, relatives or friends. 

All the services above can be scheduled in a package according to your needs and we can offer a better price if the service is frequent. If you have a preferred language other than English, we can assist you, contact us now to find out more.

All our services are designed to encourage you and the carers to start and do what you can do for yourselves, supporting and assisting you only when necessary.