We offer a range of games to suit your needs and wishes and they available to all ages, cognitive and special needs. All of the games below can be scheduled in a GROUP or INDIVIDUAL package according to your needs

-Board games!

We can play Chess, Memory, Dominoes, Scrabble, Go Fish, Uno, Sequence, Monopoly, Jenga, Connect Four, Yahtzee, Snakes and Ladders and Backgammon.

-Puzzle games!

Sudoku, Word search, Crosswords and Jigsaws

-Play activities!

Play Dough, bubbles, family photo guessing name, guess who, cognitive video games (most free), guess who is singing.

All of these activities are modified accordingly for those with special needs and those with impaired vision or sensory loss. 

All the services above can be scheduled in a package according to your needs and we can offer a better price if the service is frequent. If you have a preferred language other than English, we can assist you, contact us now to find out more.

All our services are designed to encourage you and the carers to start and do what you can do for yourselves, supporting and assisting you only when necessary.