-From the library

We offer services to pick up, drop at your house an/or return books, DVD’s, audiobooks, CD’s, etc. from your local library according to your wishes and needs. We can go to together or we can go for you. We can also help you reserve your books online.

-Reading with or for you!

We can read a book with you or for you at your house or local library.

-Music while we read a book!

We can play any music you like while we read a book together or for you, we can provide everything from your local library or by us.

We have a variety of music, documentaries, mindfulness meditation, relaxing music, online radio from different countries, books online and audiobooks. All of these help with cognitive performance to alleviate the emotional effect of stress and anxiety when engaged in complex cognitive processing. 

All the services above can be scheduled in a package according to your needs and we can offer a better price if the service is frequent. If you have a preferred language other than English, we can assist you, contact us now to find out more.

All our services are designed to encourage you and the carers to start and do what you can do for yourselves, supporting and assisting you only when necessary.